Thursday, May 28, 2009


Your joyous self
fills me with grief.
Your radiance,
makes my heart bleed

My Life,
My soul,
My divine light,
I want you.

Destiny is my cure,
Divinity my cover,
Weak is my heart
Craving for you.

My grief is secure
bottled inside
It is my pious pyre
to purge thy desire

I will flow
with the current
into the sea,
Hoping we meet there

Sunday, May 24, 2009


No petty attractions,
No real desire,
No craving for flesh,
Out goes my fire

Nothing is right,
It always has been
Complex, Degenerate, Imaginary 
Give life to me.

My peace, my quenched thirst,
My solution, My end
What is the reason for which,
I am sent?

Maybe I hold all in hand
and ask destiny to show
Teach me to forgive
and I'll love, live and let go

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


To understand myself better
I follow the strands intertwined
Each leading to an age old cave
With brand new treasure to find.

To know who am I, and
Why am I this way?
With unknown pattern and missing pieces
An impossible jigsaw to play

To understand why they opine,
Compliling random facts and hearsay
Creating my mutated clone,
to my disgust, distress and dismay

To know that I should
pay courtseys and talk small,
Striving for a normal existence
requires masquerading as a winded doll

To learn to be sophesticated 
and respect the way things are
To learn to keep secrets
and juggle puppets from far.

To know this all is false,
a mask for cosmic dance
The real is simple and just me
All else, a whimsical chance

To realise the supreme connection
between the whole and me
To dissolve myself in that
and that in me

Monday, May 11, 2009

Not that fun

Am I not waiting
with my whole heart
For the beautiful truth 
to come out and shine

Wait; probably eternal,
Against visible, Against obvious
The burning desire
To unite

What will give the strength
to defeat life?
And to fearlessly wander
inside me, all the time

Will these lonely flames
Burn me to bliss
Or extinguish,
In the confined world

What could be worse
Than to carry the truth
in my mind,
Trying to forget the Divine.